However much of a sceptic you may be about dire warnings – they can’t all be wrong – planet Earth is steadily sliding into deep trouble and there’s no end to the decline in sight…. But could there still be a way to turn things around?

October was an ice bath shock for those who care about the welfare of the world’s wildlife and the environment. First it was the UN’s revelation that we only have 12 years to limit climate change to avoid the world getting to a tipping point of no return. To add to this shocker, they said that the 2⁰C maximum for global warming now needs to be restricted to just 1.5⁰C. Wasn’t 2⁰C meant to be nearly impossible?

It all makes pretty dismal reading.

Following on this, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) declared that world leaders “have a moral obligation to act”.

Now a major report produced by WWF claims we have wiped out 60% of wildlife since 1970.

Haven’t we been here before? All that has changed is that the warnings get ever more apocalyptic – hardly surprising perhaps because we’re getting ever closer to the crunch.

What is (or ought to be) clearly apparent is that while you and I may be doing what we may see as “our bit”, none of that is really making any headway against this immense challenge. It’s 3 years now since the world got together and yelled from the roof tops that big change would finally, definitely, absolutely wham-bang positively certainly get going everywhere.

There are some things you just don’t want to be proved right about, and this is one. At 2015 COP21 they said all the right things, but saying and doing are very different. Saying is cheap – DOING requires a PLAN – and IMPLEMENTATION.

Here in the Junglenomics cave where I have locked myself away for 25 years or more, there is a plan – the one we need right now. It isn’t my plan though – not ‘Simon Lamb’s quick fix to save the world, hurrah!’ In fact, it’s been around for billions of years. It’s Nature’s plan – and we know it works because here we are, and here is this still beautiful and (just) bountiful planet all around us.

The fact is that it’s economic forces that are making the mess – in the form of markets. And it’s only economics that can clear it up – a new economics run according to Nature’s rules. No war against markets this – just harnessing them to good ends to make them healthier.

But the Nature/Junglenomics plan cannot succeed without you – it needs your support – I need your support to get his message across loud and clear to those in charge that can really make a difference. The voice of the people can yet save the day – but we have to make it LOUD! Junglenomics is for all of us, and for our children and grandchildren to come. This is science-based economics in the making, so once Junglenomics is out, please read it – but don’t just read it – shout it from the rooftops! Share it everywhere! Our planet needs you!

Simon Lamb

November 2018