About The Author

Simon Lamb is a writer on evolution, economics and the environment. He is also a founder partner in a successful Fine Art business. He was born in London in 1951, and his early years were divided between London and Wendens Ambo, Essex, where the beautiful, as yet unspoiled countryside incubated a deep love for nature. He studied economics, maths, languages and art at Wellington College. Simon began his working career in finance in the family firm, but his passion for nature, countryside, and natural science convinced him to move first to North Wales, and later to Dorset, a much-loved childhood stamping ground. He has also been involved in farming for most of his working life. He and his wife Kristina have four children, Chris, Jamie, Antony, and Tom, and 3 grandchildren, Cameron, Sophie and Charlie.

Simon brings something different to this greatest issue of our time – a lifetime’s experience in business and investment markets, a close affinity with the natural world and the cycle of the seasons, an unswerving belief in Darwin and in the ubiquity of natural processes, and a passion for the subject that is absolute and unconditional. He has spent the better part of three decades searching for answers to perhaps the two most pressing questions of our age: why, despite our great intelligence do we, the human race, destroy the natural world? And how can we re-establish our presence within the ancient natural rhythms of life on Earth? In Junglenomics he presents convincing answers to the first, and strong, science-based, practical ways to achieve economic harmony with the natural world.

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