Researcher of human ecology, wilderness as non human social order, sustainability, biodiversity and solutions to stop habitat degradation and extinction of non human species

Junglenomics is both insightful and pragmatic. It is about what can be done rather than what we wish could be done. It is realistic about the problems and solutions thus providing a perfectly achievable blue print that can edge the planet away from the brink of ecological catastrophe. Simon Lamb did not shrink away from the uncomfortable truths about humans in nature. He faced them head on. In my opinion this book required courage to write and demands the same of the reader.
The book addresses the over-exploitation of the Earth’s resources - air pollution and degradation of wilderness, acidification of the oceans and overfishing, greenhouse gases and global warming, deforestation and biodiversity loss, human misery and dead zones, plastic waste and fossil fuels, the lack of political will and globalisation, planetary environmental governance and national interest - ecology and economics, hope and despair. It recognises our existential paradox and finds answers from the natural world.
At times perfectly logical and at other times outrageous in its proposals, having read it, I am better armed in the fight to save the planet’s life giving biosphere. I highly recommend Junglenomics and we should all take the message it carries to all who are in a position to influence the tide of human affairs.

Project Manager, Artist and Composer

I strongly recommend people from all walks of life, not just those in power, read this book. We are living in a time of great opportunity and this book offers hope at a time of much chaos and disturbing complacency from many sectors of society. Our need for economic and ecological change is much more urgent than ever before. This book will help you recognise the opportunities to find the courage to grasp valuable opportunities to not only help us but make the world a better place for our children and future generations

 John Lieber - Program Standards Development Officer & City Planner, Urban Forestry, Toronto City

(Junglenomics) "has completely changed my world view. I’m honestly a bit shocked how much I like it"

"I think the idea of redesigning our market system according to the principles of Nature is a brilliant and timely idea, and one that should be drawn to the attention of some of our top climate economists and environmental law people. The idea of our economy as a subset of natural ecosystems makes eminent sense, and your book is written in a lovely, simple, sensible way."

"The crux of this super relevant book is that, if we want to survive as a species, we have to reorganise the economic domain by imitating the connectivity and cooperation in Nature’s Ecosystems. We have to harness the powerful economic drive to colonise resources for good outcomes by ensuring that environmentally benign behaviour becomes more profitable than damaging behaviour. In an ecosystem, synthesis creates value by synergy that can be shared by all living participants, human and non-human alike. The book gives guidelines how to build such P2P cooperating ecosystems between mankind and the natural world. It is a joy to read that our children CAN have a future."

To Greta Thunberg i can say: “buy this book for your parents to read”, for the #ExtinctionRebellion , #YouthforClimate and #EggKids” .