John Lieber - Program Standards Development Officer & City Planner, Urban Forestry, Toronto City

(Junglenomics) "has completely changed my world view. I’m honestly a bit shocked how much I like it"

"I think the idea of redesigning our market system according to the principles of Nature is a brilliant and timely idea, and one that should be drawn to the attention of some of our top climate economists and environmental law people. The idea of our economy as a subset of natural ecosystems makes eminent sense, and your book is written in a lovely, simple, sensible way."

"The crux of this super relevant book is that, if we want to survive as a species, we have to reorganise the economic domain by imitating the connectivity and cooperation in Nature’s Ecosystems. We have to harness the powerful economic drive to colonise resources for good outcomes by ensuring that environmentally benign behaviour becomes more profitable than damaging behaviour. In an ecosystem, synthesis creates value by synergy that can be shared by all living participants, human and non-human alike. The book gives guidelines how to build such P2P cooperating ecosystems between mankind and the natural world. It is a joy to read that our children CAN have a future."

To Greta Thunberg i can say: “buy this book for your parents to read”, for the #ExtinctionRebellion , #YouthforClimate and #EggKids” .

“This book is sound reading and highly readable too. Support this man and his ideas. The world will benefit and so will you.” Humphrey Walwyn (Winchester College and the BBC)

Julia Hailes

“There can be no doubt that we need to look at nature for answers to the environmental crisis. Simon Lamb sets out his ideas in Junglenomics. He thinks that markets are key to the decline of world's natural environment - Order his book to find out more.” Julia Hailes (Green campaigner, consultant, writer, speaker & entrepreneur. Author of 9 books. Co-founded “SustainAbility”)