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Simon Lamb is a writer on evolution, economics and the environment. He was born in London in 1951, and studied economics, maths, languages and art at Wellington College. He began his working career in finance, but a passion for nature, countryside, and natural science convinced him to return to his childhood stamping ground in Dorset. Simon is senior partner in a successful Fine Art business and has also been involved in farming for most of his working life.


Personal Statement

Like so many of you, I have spent my life witnessing the decline of the natural environment of this spectacularly beautiful planet with a deep sense of frustration at the seeming inability of mankind to protect the world on which he depends for his very survival.

At the same time, I have always believed passionately in science and in the inimitable workings of evolution. Charles Darwin – a fellow free-thinker from another century who achieved heights of revelation I could only dream of – has been my idol. If scientific discoveries have led us to this place, can science not show us the way out, I asked myself?

So some twenty-five years ago I began to investigate why this extraordinary dichotomy should exist, to enquire what underlying evolutionary reasons could bring the most intelligent entity on the planet to rush so unremittingly towards his own decline and possible destruction in the full knowledge of what he is doing. I began to view it as a phenomenon - one that, like all other things in the Universe, must have a rational, scientific explanation. “Perhaps”, I thought, “if I can understand why we do what we do to the world from an evolutionary perspective I can figure out a way through”.

It was a fascinating and absorbing journey. Over the years my studies brought me to the writings of inspiring scientists, thinkers and authors such as Dawkins, Lewin, Morgan, Attenborough, Leakey, Carson, Gould, Wills, Wilson, Sacks, Jones, Stern, West-Eberhard, Rattray-Taylor, Sahlins and others, as well as countless papers and articles, and through this I developed a revealing perspective on the conflicts of the human-planetary interface. A powerful scientific truth came to me – one that not only greatly surprised, but also deeply inspired me. It came not all at once, but in stages, elusive at times, until one day I at last fully grasped the truth - that the only possible way out of our great 21st century quandary comes not from mankind - but from Nature.

This book is therefore not some fiendishly cunning plan of my own to save the world – to rescue humanity from its own suicidal tendencies – far from it. It is Nature’s. It has been developed over billions of years, producing all the great wonders of Life that so amaze us, including of course ourselves. Junglenomics is merely an instrument to explain how Nature’s blueprint can – indeed must - be applied to the economic world without delay to guide it to safer waters, just as it nears the reefs.


Yet the only way this book can succeed in its lofty aims is if you the reader help to spread its message far and wide – so I very much hope and pray that you – wherever you may live in the world, for we are all in this together - will review it kindly and recommend it widely. It would be amazing if you would adopt it as your own, and so help turn it into a movement for change. For it belongs to everybody, this truth that we inhabit an economic ecosystem and that nature’s blueprint is there before us - a bright star in the sky to follow. Please also stay in touch with me so I can keep you up to date with progress. I believe it is for each one of us, high and low, to impress this vital message in every country on those that control economic levers, and persuade them to rapidly reform all environmentally destructive markets, so that together we can usher in a brighter, safer future for this precious, irreplaceable Earth.


Simon Lamb

November 2018

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